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Alloys for different applications

3D applications / Foundry

Plasma metal raw material

Quality for the base: raw material for special requirements.

An elementary component of our product portfolio is the raw material for additive manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing. In addition, we also produce raw material for specialized requirements and processes, such as MIM (metal injection molding) and HIP (hot isostatic pressing). Depending on the intended use, individual formulas can be used as the basis for the alloys on on Ti/Mo/Nb/Ni/Fe/Co basis .

On our site "The Process" you can take a detailed look at our process and learn more about its innovative features.

Fields of application of our products:

Aviation Industry
Power Engineering
Therm. Spraying / spray metallization
Chemical industry
Electrical industry
Biomedical Engineering
Precious Metals Industry
Research & Development
And other applications

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