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Alloys for different applications

Mechanical processing

Plasma metal

Maximum homogeneity, minimal imperfections.

Special procedures in the course of our process offer a decisive advantage for the further mechanical processing of the products. The use of a continuous casting mold enables a high degree of homogeneity with minimal defects such as blowholes and porosities in the microstructure. This means that direct mechanical further processing of the cast iron electrode is possible without any problems in many areas of application. No matter whether titanium aluminides, molybdenum, nobium, nickel, iron or cobalt: When composing the desired material, we are guided by your individual requirements.

We give you a detailed insight into our process on the page "The Process". Here you can also learn more about the use of the permanent mold.

Fields of application of our products:

Aviation Industry
Power Engineering
Therm. Spraying / spray metallization
Chemical industry
Electrical industry
Biomedical Engineering
Precious Metals Industry
Research & Development
And other applications

Here you can find more information about our products for your application area: