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Sustainability at Plasma Metall

Plasma metal

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Considering the issues of climate, environment and regarding the future, there are special requirements in terms of sustainability. Plasma Metall has also made it its business to meet these challenges in the development and implementation of the new process. In doing so, we are pursuing various approaches and measures to make our production as sustainable as possible.

Three steps to greater sustainability:

End product recycling

Through the recycling of metal powders in the field of additive manufacturing processes, even the smallest quantities continue to find use.

Internal material cycle

Scrap cycle material and cycle residues, such as sprues or end pieces, which are produced during the process can be reintroduced into the melting process.

Use of green electricity

We rely on green electricity from renewable sources for the power supply of our facilities and operating buildings.

Expert insight

Working against material loss in favour of sustainability.

"We are aware of our ecological responsibility, and for this reason we have also tried to take the aspect of sustainability into account in the development of the Plasma Metall process. To this end, we have implemented an internal material cycle, technically enabled the recycling of end products (in the form of powder, for example), and rely on green electricity for our energy supply."

Robert Hempel - Management

Plasma metal

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