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Plasma metal

A closer look: The steps of our process explained.

What exactly makes our process so unique? We would like to explain this in more detail at this point. In the Plasma Metall process, we rely on the SinglePAM melting process. The innovation in this process is that the chemical quality of a triple-melted ingot can be ensured in just one melting operation, which makes the manufacturing process significantly accelerated. In addition, this process allows the first-time use of recycled material in primary melting. This leads to a cost reduction compared to established processes. Possible materials range from titanium aluminides to alloys based on Molybdenum, Nobium, Nickel, Iron or Cobalt.  You can learn more details about each step of the process by clicking through our process below.


With Plasma Metall you gain a reliable and experienced partner for your projects in the field of high temperature alloys.


Our process not only allows you a high degree of individuality in the material requirements, but also offers a highly innovative approach.


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Expert insight

Closing the material loop.

"Thanks to the single-stage melting process, we enable direct remelting of raw materials into semi-finished products in the Plasma Metall process. Maximum homogenization and optimization of the semi-finished products is achieved by the parallel use of two different melting technologies (PAM, KIT). Thus, only a small proportion of the raw material is lost in the process and the waste material can be reused after further processing."

Phillip Albers – Sales

Phillip Albers

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